Matalan Salary Information for Popular Positions

Matalan offers generous pay to all store associates. Wages often vary by experience, duration with the company, and level of productivity, and managerial workers with the clothing retailer often start out making more than entry-level employees. The following chart represents pay ranges for primary Matalan retail jobs.

On average, how much money do Matalan employees make?

Position Hourly Pay Rate Annual Salary
Customer Service Assistant £5.00 – £7.00 £9,000 – £12,000
Assistant Manager £10.00 – £12.00 £20,000 – £25,000
Store Manager £15.00 – £20.00 £32,000 – £40,000

Pay scales at Matalan stores vary by location and job title. Work schedule (hours worked each week) also affects salary potential. Contact Matalan hiring personnel for more accurate information on expected wages with the fashion retail chain.

One thought on “Matalan Salary Chart & Pay Information

  1. Cheryl edmondson

    I worked for Matalan in 2011, on placement for 4 weeks in the warehouse to working on the shop floor to helping customers and enjoyed it.

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