As a prevalent chain of retailers, Wilkinson provides thousands of job opportunities for entry-level workers and career professionals alike. The large company continues to expand and needs to hire motivated and dedicated associates to provide customer service, organize store locations, and perform administrative tasks on a regular basis. The most common jobs for hire include part-time entry-level positions. Applicants may also take advantage of supervisory and managerial roles available with Wilkinson. The hiring process often requires applicants to participate in question and answer sessions designed to gauge professional interests and motives, personality traits, and work experience. Complete an online job application to receive further details on Wilkinson jobs now.

Wilkinson Job Opportunities and Salary Information
In some areas of the United Kingdom, job seekers may work as young as 13 years old. Applicants must meet the minimum standards set forth by law in order to gain hiring consideration at Wilkinson stores. Most workers stand at least 16 years of age. Jobs available feature part-time and full-time shift capabilities, flexible scheduling, and opportunities for advancement and promotion. Review the following list to learn more about available Wilkinson jobs:

Customer Service Assistant – Often a temporary employment opportunity, the position of Wilkinson customer service assistant involves assisting customers on the sales floor and maintaining clean and organized work stations. Customer service assistants also regularly work behind customer service counters at store frontends. Typical responsibilities include answering questions about products, services, and policies, ringing up transactions, and handling returns. Wilkinson applicants must exude energetic and motivated attitudes to gain hiring consideration for customer service assistant jobs. Basic math skills may also prove necessary for employment. The position typically features 20 to 25 hours per week engaging almost exclusively with customers. Pay scales begin at minimum wage.

Visual Merchandiser – Another customer service position, visual merchandisers primarily stock and organize shelves and product displays. Job seekers must show expressed interest in visual merchandising specifically to receive employment consideration. Hiring managers may look for the abilities to work on foot for long periods of time and to perform regular manual labor due to the nature of the job. Wilkinson visual merchandisers generally work part-time hours; however, the retail chain offers full-time visual merchandiser positions, as well. Workers often start out at minimum wage with Wilkinson visual merchandiser jobs. Hourly pay rates typically increase with experience and time spent with the company.

Management – Primary job duties of Wilkinson managers include relaying and enforcing protocol and procedures, hiring and training new associates, reconciling cash drawers and sales numbers, supervising entry-level employees, delegating daily tasks, and monitoring overall store performance. Specifically, Wilkinson hires for customer service supervisors and store operations supervisors. Positions available include both part-time and full-time schedule options. Proven leadership skills obtained through experience in relevant fields of work often prove necessary for employment. Applicants must also stand at least 18 years of age, hold high school diplomas, and possess the ability to pass criminal background checks and physical examinations. Starting pay hovers at £9.00 or £10.00 an hour. Pay increases with experience reach up to £30,000 to £40,000 in annual salary or more.

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Benefits of Working at Wilkinson
Wilkinson employees enjoy a wide range of job benefits upon hire. Associates immediately take advantage of flexible options for work schedules, paid training, and competitive wages. Wilkinson also provides performance-related bonus schemes. In addition to basic work benefits, Wilkinson offers comprehensive employment benefits packages to qualified associates. Employee benefits packages consist of nearly 30 days minimum holiday, PPC employee assistance programs, childcare vouchers, maternity leave, pension plans, and discounts on health and wellness-related programs like gym memberships and spa services. Wilkinson also provides employees the ability to take career breaks, which serve as unpaid leaves of absence to pursue other interest without losing employment status.

More Information
Wilkinson operates as a chain of British department stores. A sizeable chain, the Wilkinson brand name consists of more than 360 locations in the United Kingdom. The company began as a family-operated business and continues to operate under Wilkinson family control. Wilkinson store concepts involve providing exceptional customer service in friendly store atmospheres. The retail chain incorporates traditional department store business models with family values centered on teamwork and passion for serving others.

The U.K. department store chain sells a variety of products ranging from furniture, lawn and garden equipment, and decorating supplies to pet supplies, stationary supplies, and lighting. Product lines reflect several styles and themes, including contemporary, rustic, colonial, nautical, and trendy. Wilkinson stores feature staffs of highly trained and motivated entry-level workers and experienced professionals dedicated to help customers in fast, efficient, and friendly manners. Regular patrons enjoy the courteous service and reasonable prices available in-store. Wilkinson also maintains an online store through the company website for the convenience of shoppers. Most stores operate as high-street stores or locations situated on street corners of densely populated, high-commercial areas, typically in downtown districts of major cities. The accessibility of Wilkinson stores and the positive reputation of the company values reflected through outstanding customer service continue to draw millions to the department store chain annually.

The retail chain originally began as Wilkinson Cash Stores in 1930. Founded by James Kemsey Wilkinson, the store usurping the name of Wilkinson first opened in the City of Leicester, England. Within a decade of operation, Wilkinson boasted nearly 10 locations. Business continued to thrive through the 1980s and 1990s. Capitalizing on the growth of the company, Wilkinson expanded into Scotland in 2009. Wilkinson operates roughly 370 stores throughout the U.K.

Products and Services
The main products sold at Wilkinson stores include household goods and merchandise. Wilkinson stores sit as massive retail locations harboring everything from lawn and garden supplies and home decor to furnishing and supplies for kitchens, bedrooms, bathroom, living rooms, and outdoor patios and decks. Customers may also find toys, pet supplies, stationary supplies, travel merchandise, and miscellaneous household goods. The big box formats of Wilkinson store mirror large American department store chains. Each locations encompasses roughly 17,000 square feet. The retailer also manages an online store through the company website.

A family owned company, Wilkinson maintains private operations. Since February 2002, Wilkinson stores experienced an increase of roughly £1 billion in annual revenues. The company generates around £1.75 billion in annual revenues and employs tens of thousands of workers in various capacities company-wide. Corporate headquarters for the retail chain sit in Worksop, England, UK.

Minimum age to work Wilkinson: 16

Official Site: www.wilko.jobs/

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  1. kevin lakin

    I was a warehouse manager at wilkinsons in Redditch,Worcs for three years. I did three months training at the Kidderminster store before moving to Redditch. I enjoyed working there and i had a very good repoir with the customer…some even came in and asked for me to help them with their purchases. I also raised over three thousand pounds for charity by taking part in a walk from home of which Mr Wilkinson himself sponsored me.

  2. Cheri Maggs

    I work for Wilkos Cardiff. I love my job as sales assistant. We are like a big family, my bosses are great.

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